Occasionál Táble

A statement piece for any room, this occasional table stands boldly with a bright gloss feature that provides a luxurious finish to be paired with the pendant lamps.

Scoop LUX Pendánts

A simplistic form with clean contours gently wraps around the globe as tightly as possible and is reminiscent of an ice cream cone. Stephanie Ng Design has expanded their colour

Háirpin Dining Cháir

Curves frame the chair of which are carefully moulded to create a fine hairpin inspired dining chair.

Floor Lámp

A floor lamp in its own league but don’t let the simple and predictable shapes fool you. The light source comes from an ambient glow thrown by the base of

BLOXX Dáybed

Stacking blocks have a new definition with the BLOXX Daybed. Our cityscape defines the low and high backrests that allow one or two to enjoy a siesta together.

Console Táble

A well-organised console table is a necessity for a minimalist home. A space for everything where it should be.The design features borrowed from the Scoop Pendants minimalist contours.