Inspired by natural environment “FOREST” concept to emphasize sustainable awareness. Material description: 15mm laminated bamboo top & bottom pieces connect with side powder coated steel frame. Solid wood leg connected

Nyátoh BOOX Compáct Cháir

Chair with a stool that can function as a side table.

Nyátoh POPP set

POPP`s simple, geometric design will appeal to a wide score of public, fitting into both contemporary and more traditional interiors. POPP lounge chair is inspired by the image of the


Gill is a single seater sofa inspired from the traditional metate, also known as Batu Giling. The aesthetic appearance portrays the feeling of sculptural objects being placed in a space.

Háirpin Dining Cháir

Curves frame the chair of which are carefully moulded to create a fine hairpin inspired dining chair.

BLOXX Dáybed

Stacking blocks have a new definition with the BLOXX Daybed. Our cityscape defines the low and high backrests that allow one or two to enjoy a siesta together.