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One of the pioneering activities involves the development of marketable designs by locally nurtured Young Designers, and exhibiting as well as promoting these products in major fairs such as the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) and the SaloneSatellite Showcase (SaloneSatellite), which has been acknowledged as the networking centre to merge the world’s most promising designers with exhibitors, world class furniture manufacturers and entrepreneurs participating in the i-Saloni.

Pursuant to this objective, MTIB initiated the organization of the annual Malaysian MOBILI Furniture Design Competition (MOBILI) in May 2012. As a result of the first MOBILI, from a total of 11 finalists submitted by MTIB to COSMIT (organizer of SaloneSatellite and i-Saloni Milan) at the end of 2012, five talented Young Malaysian designers have been selected to participate and showcase their prototypes under MTIB’s TANGGAM® booth during the 16th edition of SaloneSatellite, held from 9 to 14 April 2013.

MOBILI is an initiative launched by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) to select, promote and market, outstanding designs, designers and furniture products at international level. We want to create a portfolio of new exciting designs that have an international market appeal and can be manufactured and marketed by Malaysian furniture manufacturers.

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The other objectives are to make our designers internationally well-known:

• Contracted by furniture companies.

• Able to set-up their own design business or provide design consultation services locally and internationally.

• Generating awareness of the importance of the role of Designers towards the furniture industry and Government Agencies.

Boosting general public interest, faith and excitement in design, creativity, and innovation.

• Creating a working environment which encourages and enhances trust, interaction and close collaboration between Designers and Manufacturers.

• Nurturing competitiveness and innovation.

• Design institutions, manufacturers, and designers will be paired to collaborate and undertake new tasks, venture into new markets, test new exhibitions and innovate marketing activities.

All design must be based on KONTRA (Kontemporari + Traditional) theme. Content or design should be appropriate for public use and not offensive. A panel of 3 or more judges will evaluate the entries based on:

  1. Innovation and creativity                    40%
  2. Thematic impact                                   35%
  3. Coherence and functionality              20%
  4. Human and environmental impact    5%


Contemporary is living or occurring at the same time while tradition is a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on through generations. KONTRA is an expression of current daily lifestyle infused with traditional motif or inspiration, cultural motif or the material itself. Show the possibilities of traditional item or motif can be harmonised inside contemporary living.


Designed item hold be a wood-based furniture and pot ray the uniqueness of wood. The design does not necessarily base 100% on wood construction: it maybe 50% wood and remaining mixed material such as steel or plastic.

Open to all designers and design students residing in Malaysia.

• Architecture

• Interior

• Furniture Designers

Industrial Designers

Open to all Malaysian citizens only.

• Design idea must be GENUINE and was never commercialized, exhibited, not taken or renovated from other people idea, not broadcast in any publication or developed in the manufacturing sector.

• The organizer will not be responsible if there are any claims from the third party.

• Participation will be void if organizer founded the work presented plagiarise.

• Works that have won any design competition previously or have imitation in design idea is cannot join this competition. Organizer entitled to reject any participation or withdraw any form of gift achieved if said matter happen whether before or after the final decision.

• Every participant ONLY qualified to send maximum three (3) entries.

• The organizer will not be responsible for any materials preparation needed.

• SELECTED participant required presenting their design to the panel of jury involved.

• All sketches will become MTIB title fully and MTIB entitled to keep, print, issue and develop any sketch which joining this competition.

• Design needs to be prepared in “softcopy” use PDF or JPEG format minimum resolution 1280 x 960 with content:

2 3D angle view, elevation drawing (top, front, rear and side). Technical detail (description, specification, material, manufacturing technique, etc.) Judge decision is final and any appeal will not be entertained.

• Your final design must be sent to us by email to or you can send it in a CD contains your final design.

Organiser entitled to appoint any values panel. The values will be made based on criteria as follows:

• Idea tendency and innovation – a creative idea in producing design and new method or redesign the function that gives more advantages and benefit.

• Function – Strength to fulfil usage target, current need and problem-solving.

• Symbolic, emotion and artistic – Sketch which can influence consumer or convey certain messages which give added value to products and consumer.

Quality – Sketches can explain manufacturing ability, design, material usage, technology and have commercial value.

• Ergonomics – Balancing between consumer interaction and environment with product physically or psychology (example; comfort, safe, and user-friendly)

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